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Was Madoff a Better Investment Than Your Mutual Fund? February 25, 2009

Posted by Jeff Nabers in Self Directed IRA/401k.
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Blogger, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, chairman of HDNet, and billionnaire Mark Cuban poses the question:

Was Madoff a better investment than your mutual fund. Surprisingly, his answer is yes. To see why, read his post.


The Top 5 Investing Myths of 2008 January 5, 2009

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2008 was a very interesting year to say the least. Possibly the most productive outcome of the year was the restless message of “rethink things” coming from the little voice beckoning each of us in our minds.

Myth #1… The SEC keeps investment information honest and accurate

The Securities and Exchange Commission (abbr “SEC”) should be done away with. The Madoff debacle along with the dozens of other securities frauds that draw less (or no) attention every single year should be evidence that the SEC is failing. It is tasked with making investments safe and transparent and is having the opposite effect. When an investor or fund manager is considering a particular investment, they believe that the investment is truthful, transparent, and honest because the SEC is supposed to regulate it into such a position. The result can be decreased due diligence because of reliance on the SEC. This leads to disaster when the SEC ends up not doing its job very well. If we didn’t expect the SEC to be “keeping investing safe and honest” then investors and asset managers would take a closer look at investment opportunities which would result in better thought out decisions. I’m not saying the SEC should be doing a better job – I’m saying we shouldn’t expect regulation to create investment safety in the first place.

I believe the SEC does more harm than good by offering a false sense of security.

Myth #2… Financial planners give good investment advice

Something very interesting happened in the last 15 or so years: Stock brokerages spent millions of dollars convincing the American public that securities salesman had become “financial planners”. That move alone shifted the perception of almost every American and the magnitude of Wall Street’s success (theirs, not yours). A “stock broker” is to securities as a car salesman is to cars… but a financial planner sounds a lot like somebody whose job it is to plan your finances. What actually changed to make stock brokers become financial planners? (more…)